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Please see below UK Education news feeds pulled from the independent, Guardian and Telegraph:

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Hinds asks heads how to solve special-needs budget squeeze

Schools face special-needs pressure as demand for support rises, the education secretary admits....More... ...
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Get Twitter Poll Votes For Business Traffic

With the advancements in the digital media, professionals these days have launched new features to the social media websites. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have gained huge popularity online. Individuals are using these platforms for having fun with their near and dear ones. Whereas business owne...
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Taking a Look at HubShout

HubShout started out in 2008 by offering a multitude of services including SEO, analytics, content marketing, and PPC, as well as other associated solutions for your online business.What’s Good About Hubshout?HubShout have grown over the years into one of the industry’s most well-known onlin...
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Obesity: How to help your child eat healthily

As one UK city reduces child obesity rates, a look at the best approach for parents and carers....More... ...
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Universities told to tackle race attainment gap

Universities UK and the National Union of Students also say campuses need to feel more inclusive....More... ...
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Warwick University students in exam mix-up

Warwick University students say some end of year exams have been brought forward by up to 42 days....More... ...
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Bristol University student 'received no support' before death

Bristol University student Ben Murray died in May 2018 after being told he was being dismissed....More... ...
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What to Expect on the Day of Your House Move

The big day has arrived when you will be moving home. It is a stressful occasion, so you may be worried about what to expect on the day of your move. Here’s how your moving day might unfold, with thanks to Mod24, who are a movers on demand service.The moving company will have told you the time that they intend to arrive....More... ...
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Children's services 'at breaking point', MPs say

MPs call for more than £3bn for children's services in England to end a funding crisis....More... ...
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What is an ACH API and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

An ACH API is able to offer the opportunity for developers and “software as a service” (SAAS) platforms to debit and credit bank accounts by making use of the ACH network by using an Application Program Interface, more commonly known as an API. This enables the automatic ACH payment collection, disbursement and reconciliation.If you...More... ...
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