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Two degrees now needed to get higher pay

The salary advantage for young people getting a degree is twice as big for postgraduates....More... ...
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4 Tips on How to Keep Fresh Cut Flowers Alive for Longer

When we buy some lovely fresh cut flowers, it can be a challenge keeping them alive. There are a few techniques you can use to keep fresh cut flowers alive for longer. Have you used any of these tips from Handy Flowers? Do you they work for you? Let us know! Use Fizzy JuiceThis may seem like a bizarre thing to do! Many people think that fizzy...More... ...
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Devon skirt demo boys can now wear shorts

Boys donned skirts and girls wore trousers in protest at a "no shorts" policy....More... ...
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How to Create a Free Website

In this day and age, it is imperative for all businesses to have their own online presence. Most prospective customers will want to do a search online for your business, and if they see no website, they will be unlikely to make use of your services. But fear not! Building your own website doesn’t need to cost you the earth. In fact, it is possible...More... ...
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Stories from the Gig Economy Place Emphasis on Hard Work Over Health

The gig economy has been celebrated in many ways, claiming to offer freedom to workers everywhere. However, there is a darker side to the gig economy which mustn’t be ignored. As it has grown, various stories have been upheld as noble examples of a strong work ethic, but there’s another side to them.Among the stories is one of a...More... ...
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Four-year-olds in Westminster protest

Parents, pupils and teachers make their opposition clear to testing four-year-olds in English schools....More... ...
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Afford IVF with Crowdfunding and Fertility Loans

Without a doubt, in vitro fertilization (IVF) remains one of the most expensive infertility treatments available. It can get even more expensive if a surrogate is involved. Considering that a round of IVF can cost at least $8,000-$12,000 when you include the costs of medications, you might be wondering how to afford IVF. If so, you’re not alone. T...More... ...
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Resume Writing Services are Everywhere – Here’s 5 Signs You Might Need One…

Your resume gives recruiters a one-page glimpse into your career and who you are as a professional. It’s similar to the summary often found at the back of the book, your career synopsis – and your one goal is to make it interesting enough for hiring managers to buy. With how important your r...
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Proven Methods of Selling A House Quick

Most Americans while selling their homes will want to adopt the traditional method which involves listing their homes with a real estate broker or Realtor that help them to put property up in the market for sale. But this classic method of selling your home can take a lot of time and money. There ar...
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Incontinence: 'Lack of support' for older children

Campaigners say children who wet the bed and have daytime accidents are "suffering in silence"....More... ...
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