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BSME Accreditation System

As part of its remit to ensure that all BSME schools have attained a specific level of quality, BSME contracted PENTA International to work with the organisation to develop a comprehensive system of accreditation. The process of research, development and piloting took two years and led to the current system. The first full cycle of visits is now in process and our aim is that by September 2014, all BSME schools will have undergone the accreditation process.

Publication of a school’s accreditation status

A BSME school that has undergone successfully the full accreditation process is entitled to describe itself as a “BSME Accredited Member”. A certificate, recording this fact, will be provided to such a school for display in its premises; the school may use this designation on its website and in other publications.

Benefits to the school and parents

  • The system gives an assurance to parents that the School has met BSME standards
  • Areas for development will have been highlighted to enable the School to enhance its effectiveness
  • Schools may use the accreditation report in their public relations processes

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