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Dear Colleagues,

Those of you that are BSOs should have heard already about the use of the new BSO emblem and other matters. Others will not have done....

At the BSO Conference in Hong Kong, Jackie McHanwell, a Deputy Director at the DfE, announced that all schools that had reached at least a satisfactory standard in a BSO inspection, within the last three school years, may display the BSO emblem on their websites and in publicity material.

The logo is based closely on a design submitted by BSME more than three years ago. Penta International assisted with a modification. Instructions for obtaining the image file are available from Mark Evans at Penta.

The Conference also saw the launch of The Association of British Schools Overseas (AOBSO). This aims to be complementary to BSME, COBIS, FOBISIA, LAHC and NABSS - a full listing of aims will be distributed soon.

BSME is involved on the committee that will work to ensure that the framework of the new organisation is one that will ensure that the aim of complementarity is achieved.

I am chairing the development / steering group, along with Craig Halsall (Kazakhstan ), Kate Fuller (Malaysia ), Stuart Dennis (Egypt) and Siobhan Doran (Kuwait).

BSOs will soon be able to join AOBSO through a Web portal. This will allow each school to submit and maintain a page dedicated to the school.

In the meantime, if you are interested in being a member right at the the start of this important development, which is welcomed by DfE, then email enquiries@bsme.org.uk so that I can register you as a founder member and keep you in touch with developments.

There will be no fees for the first year of operation. Members will decide on future fees at the next Annual Conference, which will be in London next November.

The idea is, however, to remain "lean and mean", with low overheads. It will be very much a peer-to-peer network of senior leaders and their schools, together with a lobbying role focused solely on BSO issues.

I would encourage all BSOs in membership of BSME to join AOBSO ....the two organisations, plus COBIS, FOBISIA, LAHC, and NABSS will be a formidable voice for BSOs and all good overseas British-style schools.

Ed Goodwin OBE


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