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Original BSME submission to the UK Government with regard to the need for support for BSME schools

This page gives access to a document sent in January 2013 to the UK government. It attracted a positive written response from high levels, including Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education.

The document was written from the BSME perspective, but dialogue at the time with the major regional organisations of FOBISIA, NABSS and LAHC served to show that many aspects of the aspirations, where relevant to each organisations differing needs and contexts, expressed were shared widely.

Although the document is due for revision, it serves to show part of the path that we have been treading for several years. It will be seen that some of the proposals, made at that time, have now come to fruition – which is one reason, amongst others, that an updated version is planned.

In other areas, and particularly the branding proposal, (with its device for surmounting the proposal for a full kitemark which was not heading anywhere at that time) a result is quite near. The Paris Convention process which the government commenced, following work from both BSME and Penta, is reportedly almost complete at the date of writing. We await keenly notice of the culmination of this initiative.

A number of matters remain to address; but I am heartened by a discussion with the DfE which, indicates that several areas of great interest remain on the table for further consideration and, indeed, there is optimism that further benefits for BSOs and BSME will arise relatively soon.

Ed Goodwin
Chairman, BSME

The full document can be downloaded from the below link :

Extended position paper on the need for Government support for BSME Schools Jan 2013 PDF 700KB

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