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Welcome to the Events area of the BSME website.

For a number of years now BSME has organised inter-school events for member schools across the Middle East. Many of these are sporting events and some are cultural. In creating a calendar of events for BSME schools, the BSME Events Committee attempts to offer events across all ages, ranging through Under 11, 13, 15 and 19. The purpose of organising these events is to offer children the opportunity to represent their school, to meet and mix with children from other countries and to participate in both competitive or non competitive festival arenas.

A Performing Arts Festival, Music Festivals and a Debating Competition provide welcome cultural links across BSME schools. On the sporting front, there are wide ranging opportunities for high-level competition. Indeed BSME events are, for many schools, the culmination of months of training effort and the highlight of the sporting year. There are multi-sport events at Under 19, 15, 13 level and two (large and small school) Under 11 age group multi sport events each organised over a 2 or 3 day weekend with up to 12 competitive teams entered in each. Additionally, there is an Under 11 Football Tournament, Under 15 Cricket Tournament and a Swimming Gala for all age groups with qualifying time standards.

Events are planned well in advance and take place from October through till March to take advantage of the best weather. Offers to host and coordinate the organisation of events are given each year by Head teachers in conjunction with their department Heads, at the Annual Heads Conference. Schools are encouraged to take their turn to host on a rotation, taking into account geographical and political restrictions beyond the control of BSME.

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