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UK Government Recognition for British Schools Overseas – the development of a brand

BSME and Penta International have worked closely with the Department for Education (DfE) over the last year, and more intensively in recent months, to develop a brand, including a logo, for British schools overseas that have been successfully inspected under the BSO framework. 

As a result, we have been advised by the DfE that it is possible for the government to register a term such as ‘British Schools Overseas’ as an Official Sign, and that they have started this process. The attachment below gives more details of the step that the government has taken.

It is anticipated that the protected brand will be approved in late spring / early summer 2014.

BSME is particularly pleased with this success, not least because more than 40% of all currently BSO-inspected schools worldwide are BSME members.    

BSME will continue its on-going work towards further recognition and benefits for our schools and has every confidence that these will grow over the coming years.

Press Release UK Government Recognition for British Schools Overseas (22 Sept 2013) PDF87KB

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